Ground-Floor Amenities

The design of the building is distinctly contemporary – a contextual brick-clad base for a uniquely sculptural residential tower.

The concept behind the amenity spaces is timeless luxury – the interplay of carefully curated textures and materials creating a refined and sophisticated environment. With the use of understated yet unique furniture, the spaces become a rich tapestry – an elegant backdrop for distinctive living.

The dramatic double-storey lobby is intricately layered with panels that wrap from floor to ceiling. The custom-designed brass mesh lightbox above the seating area and the feature wall behind the concierge desk add elegant shimmer to the lobby.

The digital hub contains a large meeting table plus a television, a printing station and a coffee station. Designed with the executive in mind, this is a place where you can read a newspaper or host a meeting.

The lounge area – with direct access to outdoor space – features a bar, a fireplace, a billiard/ping-pong table and a playful modular seating system, complete with a large-screen television. The colours are rich and the space is open. You will be able to enjoy a game or two while mixing cocktails at the bar.


Exclusively Yours  Lobby with Executive Concierge


A Place to Play  Ultra-Contemporary Lounge