Distinction Condominium – April Community Update

April 5, 2019

Spring is in the air at the corner of Lillian and Soudan. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter each day, and we have breached the depths of the parking underground. We are at Ground floor.

Now the building really starts to take shape. As the foundation is now in place and concrete has been poured to grade level we are able to begin the forming of the freestanding exterior walls; as well as interior demising walls/columns that will form the skeletal structure of Distinction.

This next stage, and moving upwards towards roof level, is still dominated by the crane and forming trades. Electricians and plumbers are casting in place sleeves and conduit to allow for future building amenity and suite finishes. The rise between ground floor and second, that is starting to take shape, will be significantly higher than your typical residential floor. The ground floor level contains the lobby, receiving and garbage collection areas.

During the underground development, we were able to utilize the Lillian St access to accommodate our deliveries. This will not change, however you will soon see the hoarding (construction fence,) be modified as we are moving into phase 2 of our road layout/site access as approved by the City of Toronto. We will have a drive in entrance on Lillian and now an exit at the corner of Lillian and Soudan. This allows us to flow trucks through the site without the need of backing up vehicles onto Lillian. They will now be able to enter the site and drive straight out the exit directly onto Soudan. This will slightly modify the flow of pedestrian traffic on Lillian but will not encumber the lane way or pedestrian access in any way.

Concrete and rebar trucks will still be the order of the day. You will still see them daily as we pour, pour, pour until we reach the roof level.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or have a generally inquiry please feel free to contact us via the community phone number provided below. If not immediately answered, this phone is connected to an e-mail system that automatically sends a detailed message to our on-site team headed by our Site Superintendent. Please leave a detailed message of your concern and someone will immediately address any concerns on site and get back to you about your inquiry.
Distinction Project Site contact number: 416 630 9393 ext. 470