Distinction Condominium – February Community Update

February 6, 2019

We move towards spring. The winter has attempted and failed to slow us down at Lillian and Soudan.

Again, we are in the process of continuing with the repeating construction cycle. Now that the excavation is far in our rear view, we are slowly creeping to ground floor level.

Waterproofing is continually being applied to exterior lagged/shored walls that then get formed and poured with steel and concrete, respectively. Interior columns and walls are formed and poured as we are working floor by floor forming the underground parking levels.

We have completed the slab on grade which forms the base of the buildings structure, columns and walls were poured allowing us to then pour our third level of underground slab (the floor of P2 parking level.) Again, and again, you will see the same sequence of events occur until the interior concrete structure of the condo is complete. Floor by floor, columns and walls will be formed with steel reinforcement bar and wood forming to allow us to pour concrete to support the level above. All the while that this is happening it should be mentioned that mechanical, including plumbing and drains, and electrical conduits are being tied into the walls/columns/slab that are being formed and poured. This allows for easy completion of all internal infrastructure for the buildings systems. In the future conduits that are tied into the forms and poured into the concrete structure will be filled with wires for electrical distribution. Sleeving is also present to allow for pipes to run through slabs and walls where necessary to complete the plumbing distribution. All the trades are working in unison at this stage to ensure that the all building systems and required elements are prepared for once we start the finishing stages of construction.

As we continue forward there will be daily concrete pours. As well as concrete, reinforcement steel will be delivered multiple times a week. As always, we always attempt to mitigate any inconvenience to the neighbourhood at large. Trucks are not staging in the immediate area and we have worked closely with city staff and local community members to ensure that we do our best to avoid any issues while we work through this crucial stage of the development.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or have a generally inquiry please feel free to contact us via the community phone number provided below. If not immediately answered, this phone is connected to an e-mail system that automatically sends a detailed message to our on-site team headed by our Site Superintendent. Please leave a detailed message of your concern and someone will immediately address any concerns on site and get back to you about your inquiry.
Distinction Project Site contact number: 416 630 9393 ext. 470