Distinction Condominium – July Community Update

July 23, 2018

July 23rd, 2018

Welcome Back!

This is LASH Construction’s Community Portal. Here you will find monthly updates on the progress of our Distinction residential condominium project located at 11 Lillian St. (the corner of Lillian and Soudan.) Our goal is to provide the community with an interactive space where we provide updates on our progress, as well as the ability to contact the developer with questions or concerns relating to the project. Please always remember if a situation is observed that is an actual emergency please contact 911.

The Toronto summer is in full swing. So far so good! It’s been warm, sunny and dry. Perfect conditions to help expedite our progress at the corner of Lillian and Soudan. As we continue through summer we keep moving further and further down in the excavation. As it stands we nearing a full two storeys of excavation. Revealing further the caisson walls (North and West perimeter,) and adding additional tiebacks and lagging along the East and South perimeter, we are removing soil and adding shoring.

Our dewatering system is now working constantly. The engineered water controls in place are adequately lowering the water table to allow for our excavation to continue unimpeded. As we get deeper in the hole the dewatering system will allow us to maintain dry conditions up to the four storeys of underground that is required to begin the long process of building skyward. In the coming months you will see us progress further down and will note that at all times the excavation will remain above the water table.

As we continue you will see the tieback drill re-mobilize at each level allowing for the insertion of the tie back cables. These tie-back cables hold back the perimeter lagged walls of the excavation allowing us to dig deeper safely. Along with this you will see the access ramp move locations, change shape, and be manipulated constantly to allow for soil to be removed, at the same time allowing for the necessary work to be performed on all sides of the project at the appropriate times. This requires distinct co-ordination between trades and site staff to ensure that all trades are working in unison so that we can efficiently make our way to the goal of the full four storey excavation. Along with the tie-backs, lagging will also be added in due course on the East and South walls and we will continue to shave back the caisson walls to expose the piles as necessary on the North and West perimeter walls.

As per our previous updates and community meetings/discussions with the Councillors office /City of Toronto staff it is our goal not to cause any unnecessary disturbance to the residents of the area. As we move forward with the project if you have a question, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at LASH.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or have a generally inquiry please feel free to contact us via the community phone number provided below. If not immediately answered, this phone is connected to an e-mail system that automatically sends a detailed message to our on-site team headed by our Site Superintendent. Please leave a detailed message of your concern and someone will immediately address any concerns on site or get back to you about your inquiry.

Distinction Project Site contact number: 416 630 9393 ext. 470