Distinction Condominium – November Community Update

November 20, 2018

The leaves are gone and the temperature is dropping at the corner of Lillian and Soudan. The weather has
been a little wet and a little wild, but we are still progressing towards our projected goals for 2018 and beyond.
The dig is done and now we are building skyward towards completion; phase one is well underway.

In the coming month you will see more steel reinforcement bar and concrete being delivered to site on an
almost daily basis. With the slab being formed at grade (slab on grade,) and the crane erected we can now work on pouring walls and columns up to our next slab level. Currently you will see exterior walls and interior columns being formed, rebar being tied within, and concrete being poured to finish. Once the concrete is set the wall forms can be stripped and preparations made for the 2nd level of underground. These levels will form the parking areas of the building and will occupy the space up to ground floor.

At the exterior walls mirror drain is added in conjunction with other engineered elements to ensure that the building site is water tight and any exterior water is filtered away from the building envelope. Sump pits and the elevator pits are the lowest areas that exist in the building and these are protected via internal pumps, however, the majority of external water is kept at bay by the waterproofing system you can see being applied before the walls are poured directly adjacent to the caisson walls (North and West sides of site,) and lagged walls (South and East sides of the site.)

Akin to the waterproofing at the walls the base slab must be waterproofed via an engineered system. Throughout this stage you will see stone being delivered via slinger to site, spread throughout the base of the structure only then to be completed with a concrete slab on top to finish. This is referred to slab on grade. Any water that penetrates the base of the building will be filtered through this stone to the sump pits for direct pumping from the building. Must like a domestic sump pit/pump works in a home.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or have a generally inquiry please feel free to contact us via the community phone number provided below. If not immediately answered, this phone is connected to an e-mail system that automatically sends a detailed message to our on-site team headed by our Site Superintendent. Please leave a detailed message of your concern and someone will immediately address any concerns on site and get back to you about your inquiry.

Distinction Project Site contact number: 416 630 9393 ext. 470