May 2, 2018


Hello and welcome to LASH Construction’s Community Portal. Here you will find monthly updates on the progress of our Distinction residential condominium project located at 11 Lillian St. (the corner of Lillian and Soudan.) Our goal is to provide the community with an interactive space where we provide updates on our progress, as well as the ability to contact the developer with questions or concerns relating to the project. Please always remember if a situation is observed that is an actual emergency please contact 911.

The month of May 2018 will see the following progress on site.

The dewatering drill rig that has been present on site is continuing to mobilize our dewatering system. This is to effectively lower the water table allowing for us to excavate the four storeys of underground parking. By the end of the month the dewatering system will be in place and operational. The drill rig will be demobilized and removed from site.

Once dewatering is in place we are able to mobilize the excavation team to start to remove the soil. As the soil is removed from site and the excavated hole begins to take shape further steps are needed to assure the consistency of the site profile. This requires us to shave down the concrete caisson walls that were poured during phase one of the project (this was outlined in last month’s update.) This occurs, ongoing, as we move lower and lower towards the base of the pit.

Dump trucks will be required daily to remove this soil. As per our community meetings and our discussions with Councillor Josh Matlow/City of Toronto staff, it is our goal not to cause any unnecessary disturbance to the residents of the area. It was stressed to us that this was one of the primary concerns of residents and we understand how this process can affect a community. Our goal is to attempt to mitigate any undue noise or traffic from the area. Especially, but not limited to, before 7 am. Truck flow will be monitored constantly and we will attempt to not stage any trucks within the range of any residential housing units, again; especially early mornings.

As we remove the soil and begin the shaving of the caisson walls you will also see the mobilization of the tie back drilling rig. Tie backs are long cables that are countersunk to retain the exterior lagging walls during an excavation. This project contains two caisson walls (north and east walls,) and two lagged/tie back walls (south and west.) As we moved into the depths you will see the distinct profile of both of these elements. They will work in conjunction with each other to retain the exterior elements and allow for us to complete the four storeys of excavation necessary to start the process of building back up to ground floor elevation and beyond!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the project or have a generally inquiry please feel free to contact us via the community phone number provided below. If not immediately answered, this phone is connected to an e-mail system that automatically sends a detailed message to our on-site team headed by our Site Superintendent. Please leave a detailed message of your concern and someone will immediately address any concerns on site or get back to you about your inquiry.

Distinction Project Site contact number: 416 630 9393 ext. 470